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May 8, 2008 by lostintexas
I need advice for the joeuser family. I'll start with a little background I am just out of (7mounths) a 30 year bad marriage. In those years I didn't work did get some college but never used it. I have no house to live in. I have three loving family homes that I can stay in. I am on SSI and get $425. a month and $90. a month in food stamps. My ex. is to give me $100. a month witch I will never see a dime or very little of that. That leaves with me not an of money to rent an apartment, pay utilit...
January 18, 2008 by lostintexas
There once was a caterpillar who was so scared of the world around her and of the changes to come she made the largest, tightest, and hardest cocoon she could manage. She found a male caterpillar that would help her to build this cocoon where she thought the world could never get to her. As they build this cocoon she saw that the male caterpillar want to have her for his own and not share her loveliness with the world. As she started to change he would make the cocoon tighter and stronger and ma...
June 25, 2006 by lostintexas
Just to let you all know that Brandie (TW) was put in the hospital in Honolulu last night. The baby is fine. If you would like to call her you can email me at tojuana4@gmail.com for the phone #. Keep her in your prayers. .....Tojuana P. (Tex.'s mom)
December 13, 2005 by lostintexas
Who or what do YOU say Jesus is?
November 18, 2005 by lostintexas
We all have heard or used this little sayings at one time or another.

1. Sticks and stone may brake your bones but words will never hurt you. That is just half true sticks and stone may brake your bones. But words can do more damage to a person for a longer time than it takes for a bone to heal.
2. What I am saying shouldn't hurt its just the truth. Well sometime you can use just the truth to beat someone up in a way that a lie could never do.
3. It's not gossip when it is true. Yes i...
September 22, 2005 by lostintexas
We live in the North part of Houston. And I am getting really scared. I don't know if we should leave or stay and ride out the storm. We have what we need to ride it out. But we live on the bottom flood of a two story brick apartment building. We are not in the flood plain. And I really don't think if we left right now we could get far anoff away before it hit. There is so many poeple trying to leave that you are just stuck in traffic for hours and hours with out moving. What would normaly take ...
April 11, 2005 by lostintexas
How do put pictures on you blog?
January 20, 2005 by lostintexas
Hello out there. This is the first blog I have ever written. I have read severely blogs and your comments. So I’m filling sure that you want tier me apart. So here we go . . .

The top ten place NOT to fall asleep . . .
1. Sunday school class (where you are in a small room with lots of people)
2. Your in-laws living room when you are first married.
3. Car full of teenagers.
4. In the classroom especially if you are a teacher.
5. On the beach sun bathing.
6. In a inter tub floating in...